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Membership Clean-Up

octium, Nov 11, 11 4:22 AM.
Your GuildPortal accounts still exist, you just need to rejoin the guild.  I'll approve the incoming requests as fast as possible.

Normalizing Ventrilo Voices

Cannibalsmurf, Oct 25, 11 2:39 AM.
  • Can't hear some people and have others that are too loud....change these settings to have everyone sound the same.
  • Go to Setup
  • Enable Direct Sound
  • Select the SFX Button
  • Select Compressor and click Add.
  • Under Compressor Properties use the following settings:
    Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be. (I use 15) 
    Attack = 0.01 
    Release = Around 500 
    Threshold = Around -30 
    Ratio = 100 
    Pre delay = 4.0

For those interested in raiding...

Xtrada, Oct 18, 11 11:56 PM.
LvL 80s, please update your character profile so we know what raids to plan for you
And also to save time asking about your dps and raid experience before inviting
(Also looking for potential raid leaders)

Click Me!

Resetting Recount

Cannibalsmurf, Sep 30, 11 10:17 PM.
Make a macro button to reset Recount.

/run local f = CreateFrame("frame",nil, UIParent); f:SetScript("OnUpdate", CombatLogClearEntries);

Vent contest poll

Cenastor, Sep 17, 11 12:20 PM.
click to take you to the vent poll


Activity points contest

Cenastor, Sep 10, 11 11:02 AM.
Once again the site is getting inactive so I am starting the activity points contest. You can get points by posting to forums there will be a secret prize plz have fun. End date hase been decided it will end Oct.29.2011
:You have to post to forums for the point to count. I reset the activity point so I can tell who's winning.
:You have to be a member of Revenge/Vengeance to win.
:Must have a onsite account to play.
Click to see winner for september

Most Active Vent User - Prize (monthly maybe?)

octium, Aug 29, 11 11:10 AM.
September 18, $30 worth of donation items of your choice, for being the most active Vent user. Your peers that also use Vent will be the judges for who wins. The idea to to get the Vent server more active.



Xtrada, Aug 18, 11 5:14 AM.

Cleared in 50 mins
No priest


Xtrada, Aug 17, 11 6:41 AM.

DPS on marrowgar
1hour 15 mins, no wipes
Crazy amount of response today, at least 50 whispers


Xtrada, Aug 12, 11 1:11 AM.

Single target dps, no orbs. Bloodqueen lanathiel
Cleared all 8 bosses in 50 mins, no wipes
Ayzen's dps build was a bit disappointing though... outdpsed him consistently in prot


Xtrada, Aug 10, 11 9:45 AM.

DPS was really good
Cleared 8 bosses, no wipes in 1hr 40mins
Got [Flu Shot Shortage] achievement from festergut by accident :3

Ventrilo Server - Let's Chatter Some

octium, Aug 7, 11 3:17 AM.
We've gone along and purchased a 50 slot Ventrilo server.  If you feel like doing some talkin', log in with the following information.

Port: 42783

Download Ventrilo
if you don't already have it


Xtrada, Aug 7, 11 2:31 AM.


Xtrada, Jul 27, 11 6:21 AM.
Cleared everything :) Minor hiccup-server restart

ICC10 07/19/11

kriause, Jul 20, 11 11:08 AM.
Tanks - Devrin, Nueve.
Healers - Alst, Kynrina
DPS - Dragonaut, Revolita, Villicus, Jailbayte, Cinn, Barrunis.

Cleared it all, no wipes.

Fester is scripted better now, spores work. Actually I'm still not sure how it works, but. If a melee gets a spore, he gotta run to ranged. If a ranged get a spore, he needs to run to another ranged. Then all gets a debuff and doesn't take that much damage when Fester does Purgent Blight. Oooor sth like that. Feel free to correct me ;)

Proffesor is scripted too. He does DnD (stay out of it) and sth like fear. Also he shoots explosive oozes at players - just run from 'em.

Muradin (Gunship Battle) works too, TnS, just he's doing lots of stuns. Actually we faced a problem here with Muradin. We were 9 allys and one horde, therefore we couldn't get Jailbayte through all those ally mobs on a way to the boss. Next time we should have more hordies or do ally only run.

So that's the news ^^

Hugs and kisses,

ICC10 report

kriause, Jul 14, 11 3:49 AM.
Sooo we did ICC10.

Tanks - Nueve, Asmodeous.
Healers - Lone, Cinn.
DPS - Sakumi, Azarel, Padfoot, Dragonaut, Papadroca, Dhianka.

All 6 bosses cleared.
Wiped at Fester once, but oh well. Happens.

Got some nice gear for some of 'em ^^

Also, some people needs to improve their rotation and builds. I'm sure we will help them do it till next ICC.

What is more, we are a bit short on tanks o.O Gotta make our 80 plateys to improve their tanking spec ;)

By the way, if you still don't know, Professor works. Tank and spank fight, just sometimes some players dies after one hit. Fight can be easily solo healed, but if that one healers gets that one hit.. whoops ;D So just keep it in mind (for those who haven't tried Professor yet)

To sum up, really nice run, better than I expected. Looking forward to do it again next week ;)

Hugs and Kisses,

Canister's addon list

Cenastor, May 14, 11 6:16 PM.
i have set up a list of addons the work with out server fell free to take a look

One Generation to Another

octium, May 3, 11 8:02 PM.
The face of the guild has changed and finding reliable people to fill in for those that are no longer here is a task I'd not wish on anyone.  It is so easy to lose faith, but our new first officer Brianna is helping to keep my head up as I get used to these new faces.  People will be promoted for the sake of testing their ability to lead or take responsibility for what is necessary to keep the guild running and keeping people happy.

We say goodbye to many people, for they will tire of even this great game or may decide to take on new tasks or habits in life to keep themselves content.

I've been the guild master for a short 5 months which is the entirety of our existence and will continue to lead as best I can into the future.  Plans aren't to maintain ownership as it is a guild that belongs to it's members.  One day someone more able than I am shall have my title.

Just testing some speech recognition

octium, Apr 27, 11 4:09 PM.
I talk and the program I use types it for me!

I'm testing Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11, which is a speech recognition program I believe saw its first release sometime in the 80s.  I'm going to try to write this post without making any corrections, though I will remove any misinterpreted remarks that might result in someone being offended. This technology has been in development since they 80s or perhaps even before, though it seems only as of the last five or six years has it really evolved into something useful.  I've only been working with it for about a half-hour or so and it seems to get most things correct.

I don't know if any demo exists for this program, so I'll assume you'll find a way to test it out another way. Just wanted to test this out.

WoW Instant Messenger

octium, Apr 26, 11 3:13 PM.
WIM is an addon that will create individual windows for each conversation you are having via whisper.  It helps keep things organized, especially if you get lots of whispers or often miss them.

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